Chris "Shoof" Scheufele Visits SST Schools to Teach Our Students About Resiliency and Respect

Chris “Shoof” Scheufele "is one of the most sought-after youth speakers in the United States," and he presented at our schools! Scheufele learned all about us, and our kids soaked up his teachings too. 

At the main SST San Antonio campus, Shoof welcomed students to join him in laughing, commenting, and interacting with his presentation about resilience. He established trust with our students as he recounted his own experiences with bullying. He shared personal anecdotes and asked students about their situations. All the while, he sprinkled as much comedic relief as possible. 

At one point, he invited a student to roast him on stage as an exercise! Shoof had the student playfully insult him twice. The first time, Shoof reacted with anger, and he pretended to incite physical aggression toward the student. No students were harmed in the making of this presentation. The student laughed and cheered as he had accomplished his goal. He had aggravated Shoof. 

The second time, Shoof reacted with kindness. He acted as if he could not tell the student was trying to insult him. Instead, he laughed with the student when he compared him to a stranger playing a video game on a Gameboy. The roasting student eventually had nothing else to say. Thus, showing the entire assembly that aggressors do not usually enjoy making fun of people who are unphased. 

See an exclusive interview with Shoof, conducted by SSTSA's CCMR Advisor and Dual Credit Coordinator on our official SST Schools Youtube channel.