SST College Prep San Antonio Celebrates New Building During Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

SST College Prep San Antonio kicked off a celebration like no other. SST staff and community members gathered to honor a milestone in the district's history last month. The College Prep was the first school to ever launch as an SST School in 2005. Since then, the school and the district have grown exponentially. 
SST College Prep in San Antonio first launched in 2005 inside a renovated, repurposed department store. While the building did not take away from the success the students and teachers inside the building would achieve, it certainly felt too small for its growing population. As the years went on, SST Schools established 5 additional campuses in San Antonio, 7 in Houston, and 4 in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2022, SST Schools has 17 campuses where students can attain quality education for free. 
Almost two decades later, the flagship school was due a state-of-the-art facility. Students and teachers transitioned into the new building over the spring break and celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony just before school let out. There was plenty to celebrate as prominent community members like Country Commissioner Tommy Calvert, SBOE Marisa Perez-Diaz, and others joined in congratulating the campus on their latest accomplishment. 
Students can now enjoy amenities of higher quality. The new campus contains an academic wing, an activity center, and athletic facilities. Each space is modified to ensure students enjoy learning all sorts of subjects. Everything is new! From science lab furniture to the waxed gym floor, this year's class of 2022 broke in an entire school. 
There is no telling what SST Students will achieve next. With all the new resources and space, students will have fewer restrictions on creativity and learning. Many have already seized accolades in engineering and technology fields. As the world progresses, it is an exciting time for our students to feel like they are also advancing with the world around them.